China Shores Game Summary

Our China Shores review will seek to address the following question: with so many other Asian-themed slot machines available, does this game have what it takes to compete in a competitive market?


The simple answer is that, despite subpar visuals and a less-than-spectacular payoff, every China Shores casino game has a few tricks up its sleeve that are guaranteed to impress free spin enthusiasts. Learn precisely what we mean below…


Discover the China Shores jackpot that is available.

Learn how Action $tacked symbols alter the game and where you may play it for yourself.

Money Fixed jackpot payout


Certainly plenty funds to pack up and move east!


High Casino RTP of > 96%


Excellent for reducing losses


Lots of no-cost turns


You’ll be surprised by how many freebies you can obtain.


Explore stacked symbols


To significantly improve your winning chances



2x multiplicator during the bonus round’s Action Stacked Symbols feature

Many paylines

Possibility of an abundance of free spins


Graphics are rather simple

The jackpot is lower than some.

Major China Coast Characteristics Examined


A 5-reel action-packed and Action Stacked slot machine.

For the most part, the China Shores slot machine looks to be a regular Asian-themed game; its theme, symbols, and sound effects are all fairly recognizable, and its 30 paylines are standard for this type of game. To dismiss the game as “simply another Chinese slot” is, however, to do it an injustice.


As you will discover in our in-depth analysis of the China Shores slot machine, this game includes (such as Action Stacked Symbols and a very spectacular bonus round) that significantly boost its attractiveness. In fact, it will very definitely be one of the best Asian berths available in 2023.


Want China Shores advice? Here’s one: we’ve always found that (at least) doubling your bankroll is possible if you hit a bonus round, but many players complain that this game is stingy with rewards, so it’s best to test it out in free play mode before wagering real money.


Another day, another series of symbols with Chinese themes

A, K, Q, J, and 10 occur with lamps, teapots, gold tortoises, and Yin Yang signs; this is one area where China Shores does not attempt to innovate. No Chinese slot machine would be complete without a panda! In spite of this, the game is visually appealing, and we can’t really find fault with its visuals or animations.


What is YOUR balance of wealth?

As mentioned previously, the China Shores online slot offers a bonus round with a unique twist. Due to its stacked reels, it is possible to earn dozens or even hundreds of free spins with a 2x multiplier if enough Yin Yang symbols appear in a winning combination.


While the prospect of viewing so many free spins is a dream come true for many gamers, for some of you it’s undoubtedly torment. You can risk some or all of your spins on the enigmatic Balance of Fortune, which awards a random number of credits between two predetermined sums.


Use Max Bet to enhance your luck!

While utilizing the maximum amount of credits will not increase your odds of winning, we nevertheless recommend doing so and covering all paylines; assuming your bankroll lasts until the bonus round, here is where you will accumulate the most winnings when using the maximum wager.


With a basic jackpot that is decent but not exceptional, we would not hesitate to pay out following a bonus round, since this is typically where the largest winnings occur while playing China Shores. The exception is the China Shores Jackpot slot machine, which features four extra progressive payouts.


A Chinese adventure is never farther than a few clicks away.

Although China Shores slots are not very visually heavy, this game is suitable for mobile devices. As long as you can locate a mobile-friendly casino website or app that provides it, this is appropriate for mobile use.


You should probably set aside some time to play so you are not interrupted during potentially lengthy bonus rounds of free spins, which may not be possible if you are on the run. Yet, if you need to move on swiftly, you may always pick Balance of Fortune.


A slot machine we’re Certain you’ll like!

There are slots with larger prizes than China Shores – online slot review sites are always concerned with this! – The game misses some of the wow factor of contemporary 3D slots. Still, there is plenty to admire about this game. Namely, its potentially lucrative extra features!


In addition, if you’re a lover of progressives, you may switch to China Shores Jackpot whenever you choose to pursue higher winnings. Nevertheless, it is tough to deny that this game gives (if you’re lucky) more free spins than any other active slot machine. If you enjoy free spins – and who doesn’t?! – this is an obvious choice.

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